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Calrossy's Christian, personal and caring values are nowhere more evident than in the boarding houses. Our aim is to provide students with an environment in which all members of the community conduct themselves with dignity, tolerance, integrity, kindness and repect for others and themselves. While a high standard of behaviour is expected at all times we recognise that each boarder is unique and we work hard at incorporating the individual's needs within the community organisation. Parents are considered an integral part of our boarding community and we welcome discussion concerning any aspect of their child's lives whilst in our care.

Boarding at Calrossy Anglican School is a unique experience. The Secondary Girls boarding community is divided into four distinct houses over two campuses where boarders progress according to year level. Boarding for Secondary Boys has also begun. All houses are supervised by committed and caring staff who are actively involved in the day to day lives of all our boarders. In addition to having a member of the school's Chaplaincy team devoted to boarding and boarding issues, our community maintains strong relationships with the Anglican churches within Tamworth with boarders attending regular services and youth group organisations. The health and welfare of our students is of the utmost importance and Calrossy Anglican School maintains a Health Centre and 24 hour care for boarders in our care in addition to a comprehensive approach toward the welfare of all our students.

In addition to being conveniently located within close distance to all sporting and recreational facilities offered in Tamworth, boarders also have access to the school facilities of a swimming pool, tennis courts, library and computer labs, equestrian pursuits, gym and music rooms outside of school hours and a rich programme for recreational activities is organised by the boarding staff for each area. Boarding staff also organise and facilitate the transport of our boarders to their individual and team commitments within Tamworth. While the boarding and wider school facilities are exceptional, a more important feature of boarding at Calrossy Anglican School is our boarders themselves. Students come from regional NSW and properties, from metropolitan areas and from interstate and overseas having the opportunity to learn and grow together, appreciating the different views and aspirations of young people from a wide range of backgrounds - creating a community of their own.


Calrossy House is the original Patterson Homestead and has a long history within the school community. Calrossy House is home to Years 7 and 8 where boarders are accommodated on two floors situated over the school Dining Room. Boarders share accommodation with 3-8 other boarders in reverse cycle air-conditioned rooms which have been recently renovated.


Ashton House was opened in 2001 and is a two-storey home to Years 9 and 10 with boarders sharing rooms of 4. Ashton House is situated along Raglan Street and is connected to both Sims House and the Health Centre. All rooms have reverse cycle air-conditioning, desk spaces and are hard wired for access to the school network. Ashton House also has single room accommodation for senior students and also has disabled access accommodation for a boarder with special needs.


Gloria Thew House is our newest boarding facility having been purchased mid 2010 and renovated for opening in 2011. Gloria Thew House is home to Years 10 and 11 with 46 boarders being accommodated in single and double rooms. Gloria Thew House is conveniently located in Burnside Avenue which is two residential blocks from the Secondary Girls Campus and within walking distance for boarders to access all the facilities available at Brisbane Street


Sims House was opened in 1975 and is home to Year 12. Boarders are accommodated in single rooms to allow for increased study load and greater privacy in their final years as a boarder at Calrossy Anglican School.




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