Year 10 2021




Calrossy Anglican School Secondary Structure for 2021


Dear Calrossy Parents, Grandparents and members of the Calrossy Community,


Calrossy is currently in the process of building new facilities on the William Cowper Campus to allow the consolidation of our existing ‘Diamond Model’. We believe this is great practice and that our model is particularly useful in promoting the growth and development of adolescent students. Our plans are before Tamworth Regional Council and progress is on schedule to be completed ready for 2021.


At that time our learning progression will see coeducational Primary classes as now. However, students in Years 7 – 9 will learn in single-sex classes on the William Cowper Campus (with a separate boy and girl focus on wellbeing, with possibly some co-ed elective classes.) Years 11-12 will have their lessons on the Brisbane Street Campus. The current boarding structure remains unaffected by these changes.


What has yet to be determined is where Year 10 students should fit in this model. Should they stay with Years 7-9 on the William Cowper Campus or be grouped with Years 11 and 12, should they be co-ed or single sex? 


We are now surveying various groups about the best placement for Year 10 in the new structure. 

There are pros and cons for both options. Things to consider may include the impact on leadership, the teaching of electives, the movement of teachers from one campus to the other, preparation for students for the senior years and preserving aspects of school culture. 


A link to a short video exploring some of these issues is here.


Please let us know your thoughts in order to support our decision on the best place for Year 10. 

For a link to a survey form where you can share your views, please see the Calrossy Whole School Newsletter for Week 9B.


Could you please make your response by the end of July.


Kind regards,

David Smith

Principal Calrossy Anglican School



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