Foundation Programs

The funds raised through Foundation CAS will be used to provide essential financial support for important infrastructure developments, library resourcing, plus scholarships and bursaries for day and boarding students. The Foundation has benefitted from generous everlasting financial gifts;

  • Scholarship Fund - Lady Margaret Grieve and Sir Robert Roland Grieve have generously made a Bequest which has been directed to establish a Scholarship Fund
  • Bursary Fund - a generous Bequest from Jean Mercer (past TCEGS student) has established a Bursary Fund
  • Library Fund
  • Building Fund







  • Health & Wellbeing

    Calrossy's Christian, personal and caring values are nowhere more evident than in the boarding houses.

  • Secondary Girls Facilities

    Calrossy has four boarding facilities for Secondary Girls, conveniently located on or near the Brisbane Street Campus.

  • Secondary Boys Facilities

    Our boys' boarding facility is located near the William Cowper Campus and central to Tamworth.



Calrossy offers a variety of scholarships across disciplines for Secondary students.