Art Showcase Winners

The Art and Design Showcase was a colourful and creative event featuring art and design from our youngest students through to Year 12 major works.

The winners and highly commended awards from the event are below.


Pre-school/Prep/Kindergarten Visual Arts

Winner: Charlotte Masterton, Preschool -- drawing/painting of a family

HC: Ruby Coe, Prep – Seahorse painting

HC: Grace Hooley, Kindergarten – Monet’s bridge style painting


Stage 1 Visual Arts

Winner: Lucy Nivison, Year 1 – Fairytales ‘Red Riding Hood’

HC: Ty Ackerman, Year 2 – Man with a Beard

HC: Archie Simmonds, Year 1 – Fairytales ‘Dragon’


Stage 2 Visual Arts

Winner: Mikalee Barton, Year 4 – Parrot

HC: Martin Smyth, Year 3 – Geometric Tree


Stage 3 Visual Arts

Winner: Jack Burgess, Year 5 – Hands painting

HC: Rory Cuddihy, Year 5 – Ned Kelly painting


Stage 4 Visual Arts

Winner: Ellie Walker, Year 7 – Self-portrait drawing

HC: Gabriella Blomfield, Year 8 – Head Sculpture

HC: Ryan Witherdin, Year 8 – Head Sculpture

HC: Wilson O’Rourke, Year 7 – Self-portrait drawing

HC: Lauren Brand, Year 7 – Self-portrait drawing


Stage 5 Visual Arts

Winner: Chloe Scicluna, Year 9 – ‘Urban vs Rural’, mixed body of work (painting and photography)

HC: Abbey Ulman, Year 9 – Watercolour portrait


Stage 6 Visual Arts

Winner: Freda McGrady, Year 11 – (political statement paintings and video)

HC: Anna Terry, Year 11 – (animal needlework with plastics)


9/10 Photography

Winner: Jocelyn Heywood, Year 10 – photoshopped image of her father (two heads/dust)

HC: Eliza Statham, Year 9 – beach series


Stage 4 Textiles

Winner: Sophia Hanson, Year 8 – pyjama pants


Stage 5 Textiles

Winner: Millie Wheeler, Year 10 – needlework on purse

HC: Sarah Bradfield, Year 10 – Wall hanging weave


Stage 6 Textiles

Winner: Runt Cant, Year 11 – Lampshade


People’s Choice

Winner: Amy Cantrill, Year 11 – ‘Hanging by a Thread’