Boarder Stories

Here is what some of our boarders have to say about their Calrossy experience!


"Why should parents send their boys away to boarding: parents who are looking for their boy to live in a loving, caring brotherhood environment, you’ve got it right here at Simpson Boarding House. Simpson is about being brothers and helping each other. There is no bullying and no putting boys down. It’s all about helping them and raising them up to become better people. It’s about learning in different ways in a good home with your brothers helping you at every step of the way even when you fall. This place is awesome and we are growing in many ways."

Year 9 Boy


"Boarding at Calrossy’s Simpson House is a great opportunity and experience for Secondary Boy’s schooling. It is an extension of the values and morals instilled in the students from Cowper Campus just up the road. As the boys here live by these values, it creates a comfortable environment for all boys to live together, getting along well with all ages. This is an aspect I appreciate the most as there is no division between age groups or interests. Being a small community we are able to live in this way effectively through the close mateship we each experience between each other and the well-renowned acceptance throughout the house. "

Year 9 Boy


"I have been a boarder at Calrossy Simpson House for five years. During this time I’ve come to appreciate the inclusive attitudes of my fellow boarders, the exceptional opportunities available to me and the respectful culture which is found in every aspect of the boarding community. Boarding has allowed me to pursue a multitude of extracurricular activities such as after school music and drama and has also given me additional access to study help and advice allowing me to maximise my schooling years. It is clear that Simpson Boarding House is a wonderful addition to Calrossy Anglican School and this is reflected in the kind and professional staff and the core values of compassion and integrity that we strive to live by. Ultimately, I would have to say Simpson is not like other boarding houses. Here we have something distinctive: a harmonious, caring environment where each student is recognised for their own abilities and valued for being themselves."

Year 12 Boy


"Through spending my years in Calrossy’s boarding facilities, I have gained endless amounts of opportunities through the experiences provided by the school. I have been a full-time boarder here since the early years of Year 7 and I have met so many people from across NSW with whom I have made long lasting friendships. This has made my high school experiences so much more enjoyable. Calrossy boarding makes a caring effort to make each and every boarder as welcomed and accepted as possible through providing both weekend activities for us to take part in such as in-school sporting activities, out of school trips to various places around Tamworth, and maybe even a food run every now and then!"

Year 10 Girl


"Being a part of boarding here at Calrossy is a place that I can easily call a second home and is a place that I have made many memories with friends that I hope to keep forever. It may be a scary transition from staying at home with mum and dad, but I assure you that all Calrossy girls have experienced this before and know exactly how to make your start here really comfortable."

Year 10 Girl


"I have been boarding for 4 years now and I can undoubtedly say that these years have been some of the best of my life. The opportunities that Calrossy offers through boarding vary from simple life skills such as becoming independent right through to compulsory prep (which I can say has helped me out enormously with getting the most out of my education). I love the bonds we form not only with our own year but also those who are younger and older than us. Although this may sound cliché, they literally do become just like your sisters. The bonds boarders have with each other really cannot be compared with anything else. I love boarding at Calrossy and will be forever grateful for my parents for giving me this opportunity."

Year 11 Girl


"I love boarding at Calrossy because of the bonds we form with each other and not just within your own year but with every year group. There is no limit to the fun we have together in the pool, on the oval and especially in the boarding houses. We help each other during prep and sing to each other in the showers. Boarding has experiences that for one will never forget: forming friends for a lifetime."

Year 10 Girl


  • Health & Wellbeing

    Calrossy's Christian, personal and caring values are nowhere more evident than in the boarding houses.

  • Secondary Girls Facilities

    Calrossy has four boarding facilities for Secondary Girls, conveniently located on or near the Brisbane Street Campus.

  • Secondary Boys Facilities

    Our boys' boarding facility is located near the William Cowper Campus and central to Tamworth.



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