Access a proven quality Independent education from your home... say goodbye to traditional distance education, with virtually no mailing of learning material.

Calrossy's distance education program allows your son or daughter to access high quality education, catering for Years 5 to 9, from their own home.

The benefits are numerous;

  • Belong to an inclusive, nurturing Christian community committed to academic excellence with distinctive school values aimed at growing students who are full of hope and who act as agents of change that matters.
  • The online lessons mean students have access to instant feedback and academic/ learning support in a dedicated virtual classroom.
  • Interaction with classmates, promoting social and emotional learning.
  • Access a quality independent education earlier in secondary school, with proven excellence in academic results.
  • Calrossy has the record of the best HSC outcomes of any school in the New England/North West of NSW.
  • Students have the opportunity to experience Calrossy boarding, as well as expeditions, sporting carnivals and pathways alongside internal students.
  • Access to all Calrossy's facilities including a dedicated IT support and Wellbeing team, including learning support and psychologists.


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