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Calrossy distance education program the 'perfect answer'.

They are the words of mum, Kristy Andrews, who has described Calrossy’s distance education program, eCalrossy, as the “perfect answer” for her family.

Kristy and her husband,  Nicholas, who live 35 kilometres from Broken Hill on a sheep and cattle property, had heard good things about eCalrossy but hadn’t needed to consider it for their children, Emmy and Lester, because they were close enough to town.

But that all changed earlier this year when Willyama High School, one of Broken Hill’s two high schools, was literally closed because of a dangerous mould problem.

“At the beginning of 2024, reports came out that Emmy’s current High School was condemned due to mould, so my husband and I ran at eCalrossy, and was welcomed with open arms,” says Kristy.

“I have never seen our daughter so happy at school, so focused and kicking so many goals. We are beyond proud of how she has embraced the changes she has made. And are completely indebted to Calrossy for such a wonderful opportunity.”

“We always wanted Emmy to do Calrossy, but the current circumstances in Broken Hill got us as parents across the line. Seeing Emmy kicking so many goals with eCalrossy, we know we made the right decision.”

Emmy is now in Year 9 at Calrossy and is loving her new learning pathway.

“I really enjoy it because I can interact with teachers and classmates from my own home, and I have found likeminded people who have the same interests as me,” says the 14-year-old.

“I definitely prefer eCalrossy because of the like-mindedness of my classmates. I like that we share common interests.”

The Andrews’ say they’ve been impressed with the opportunities and the warm welcome delivered by Calrossy.

“We absolutely love what Calrossy is giving us. Again we are so grateful to Emmy's teachers, class mates and the school staff for embracing us and making us feel so welcome. We are really looking forward to the boarding week in June… The opportunities that this school offers is beyond anything we could ever imagine,” Kristy says.

The family is finding that linking Emmy with likeminded students in similar situations has been refreshing and beneficial.

“Hearing them all giggle about common stories and common interests really is a huge benefit to her mental wellbeing. The fact that she finishes a little earlier now and can go out and embrace where she lives, but also knowing she is getting the very best out of her school day, is a very settling feeling as a parent,” says Emmy’s mum.

The move has seen the Andrews rethink their plans for their children’s education.

“Distance Education and Boarding school was never on our radar. I didn’t think we would be walking down this road…. But with only a short amount of time with eCalrossy, I know we have made the right decision. We are talking now about Emmy moving to Tamworth next year to finish off her schooling. The teachers are encouraging, caring and so supportive. The school is full of opportunities that we never knew we could offer our kids,” says Kristy.

Their son Lester, currently in Year 5 is in a public school at Broken Hill, he will start eCalrossy in Year 7, they say “simply because of the opportunities”.

They are looking at Emmy making the move to Year 10 and Calrossy Boarding at the end of this year. A move which Emmy is looking forward to.

In the meantime, she is enjoying the many benefits of a quality education without leaving her home. Her favourite subject being Mathematics.

“Because I am learning more than I ever have. Things I feel like I will be able to use in the future,” says Emmy.