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Calrossy Sheep Team clean up at Guyra

  • 08 Jun 2023

On the 18th of May, the Calrossy Junior Sheep Team students headed off to Guyra with six sheep that were very kindly donated by the Benson family at Walcha. This team included Clare Leighton, Sidney Cooper, Xander Jones, Cameron Holcombe, Charlie Dolahenty and Bronte Gillan.

Throughout the day there were different events including multiple workshops including junior judging, how to break down a lamb carcase, tastings of different cuts of meat, sheep wool classing and assessing classes, as well as the live animal classes that we competed in. We were able to learn many skills In the workshops, such as how to judge meat carcass, learning about merino wool and the process of how meat is cooked. The Junior judging was a great experience and the team gained so much information and knowledge from this opportunity.

In the animal live meat class our 2 pens of wethers placed 2nd and 4th overall in the lightweight class. Bronte Gillan then paraded in the Led Class and came 4th place, plus received an all-rounder award from the Committee for her efforts throughout the day.

When the carcase results were announced, we received a Champion Lightweight pen of 3, with one of our sheep scoring an impressive 30/30 for its carcase.  This gave us the champion carcase of the show title. We also placed 4th  in the same class with our other pen of three.   Bronte’s sheep that were paraded in the led class also gained third place in its carcase comp. The day was a wonderful learning experience for the whole team.

Thank you to Miss Blake and Mr Leach for giving us the chance to attend Guyra. - Bronte Gillan Yr 9 Student and Sheep Team member.