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Calrossy Cattle Team students showcased their exceptional talent and commitment to agriculture at the recent Manilla Show on Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9. The team, consisting of 25 dedicated students led by James Forsyth and Kath de Jong, brought a total of 21 head of cattle, making a remarkable impact at the event.

Several students stood out for their exemplary performance, both in junior judging and parader categories. The Junior judging winners in their respective age groups included Stirling Wheatley, Dakota Conners, and Shakaya Fenton, showcasing their keen understanding of cattle evaluation.

In the parading, Matthia Rudder took the spotlight by not only winning her division but also securing the coveted title of Overall Champion Parader. Other notable parader winners from Calrossy were Stella Walsh, Aiden Rudder, Audrey Bower, and Tegan Rhodes, demonstrating the team's prowess in presenting cattle.

Calrossy's success extended to the cattle exhibits, with Madison Bailey leading Kamilaroi Tyrone to the title of Grand Champion Bull of the show. Regan Banks showcased outstanding skills by leading Kamilaroi Emily to win the prestigious title of Supreme Beef Exhibit.

Hayley Hodges led Calrossy Bentley to victory, securing the title of Champion Trade Steer, while Isabelle Wheatley led Calrossy Rolls Royce to win the Champion Middleweight Steer category. Yasmin Jones further solidified Calrossy's dominance by leading Calrossy Jaguar to win the ultimate title of Grand Champion Steer.

Calrossy's remarkable achievements were acknowledged with the School being awarded the Vince Flett Most Successful School Exhibitor for the second consecutive year. This prestigious honor reflects the consistent dedication and excellence displayed by Calrossy students in the field of agriculture.

The success of Calrossy's cattle team at the Manilla Show underscores the School's commitment to nurturing agricultural talent and instilling a passion for excellence in students. The achievements not only celebrate individual accomplishments but also highlight the collective strength and teamwork within the Calrossy community as they continue to inspire the next generation of agricultural leaders.