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Six top in the State placings top off outstanding HSC 2023 success for Calrossy

Dear Calrossy Community

I write to celebrate the success of our Year 12 graduating class, with our top students having excelled in their results.

In sharing the 2023 HSC highlights, I emphasise that beneath the top-level results, there are many wonderful stories of growth and improvement. Whilst the top band results receive the publicity glare, there other many other achievements to be acknowledged and applauded. Some students who achieved Band 3 or Band 4 results have improved significantly over their time at Calrossy.

Calrossy 2023 HSC highlights include:

  • Students achieved 53 Top band rankings, making us once again the most successful school in the Northern Inland NSW/New England, and up with the very best results of NSW Regional schools. The SMH ranks us at 158th in NSW, down from last year but consistent with our results this decade.  25% of our students received at least one top band result.
  • Larissa Smyth is to be congratulated on being our Dux, achieving an ATAR of 99.90, placing her in the top 100 students in NSW and the top student in the region. This is the highest ever ATAR from Calrossy. Larissa also was an All Rounder, achieving top bands in all 13 units and also individually placing 7th in Modern History.
  • Ella Ward was first in the HSC in Primary Industries. Other outstanding results include Leila Ryan placing 7th in Investigating Science, Mia Consentino 8th in Investigating Science, Olivia Collins 4th in Primary Industries, Charlotte Bedggood ranking 6th in Textiles and Design and Larissa 7th in Modern History. Six top ten in the state rankings is unbelievably good.
  • Top band results were achieved across a range of twenty-two different courses, demonstrating achievement across the subject spectrum, rather than in a narrow band of curriculum areas.
  • 8 students were nominated for HSC Major Work Exhibitions including Sam Ison and Alistair Scott (Music) Charlotte Bedggood, Charli Nixon, Grace O’Mullane and Alex Hayes (Textiles and Design) and Will Ramsden and Harriet Nolan (Industrial Technology).
  • 11 of our students received ATARs of above 90 and another 11  were ranked in the 80s.

Individual Subject highlights include:

  • All Textiles and Design students (5) achieved Band 6 results
  • The state percentage for CAFS Band 5 or 6 results is 35%, for Calrossy 57%
    Industrial Tech – nearly 3 times the state average of students achieved in the top 2 bands (State in Band 5 or 6 is 15%, Calrossy 44%)
  • Modern History – Over half our candidature achieved in the  top 2 bands (cf 36% in state)
  • Music 1 – all students earned Bands 5 or 6
  • Music 2 & Music Extension (1 student each) – Band 6/E4
  • PDHPE – nearly triple the state average of Band 6 results
  • Society & Culture – more than double the statewide percentage of students earned Band 6
  • Agriculture – double the percentage of Band 6 results
  • Maths Ext 1 – all students (3) Bands E3 or E4, same for Maths Ext 2 (2 students)
  • English Studies, Investigating Science – high z-scores
  • Of the 30 courses taught at Calrossy:
  • 11 courses with an average 5% or more higher than the state average
  • 23 courses (in total) with an average higher than state
  • Primary Industries – More than double the state percentage of students in top 2 bands (45% of candidates cf 21% state average)
  • Subjects achieving more than 5% above the State Mean include Agriculture, CAFS, English Studies, Industrial Technology, Maths Extension 1, Maths Extension 2, Music 1, Music 2, Textiles and Design and Primary Industries.

Statistics don’t always tell the full story. Many subjects saw over 70% of students in the top 3 bands and the improvement scores are excellent.

I have been delighted by the news of large numbers of our students who have already received first preference University offers through the Principal Recommendation Scheme, based on consistent achievement throughout Year 11 and 12. The work of our Careers Advisor Charles Impey is greatly valued in contributing to successful early entry.

These results reflect the support of Year 12 teachers but in many cases have been built on the foundation of six or thirteen years at Calrossy. Thanks to all for playing your part.

May you enjoy a well-earned rest, lovely time with family and friends and I wish you all a very blessed, happy and safe Christmas and a wonderful new year.

David Smith
Principal Calrossy Anglican School