In 1929, a sad event occurred when Phoebe Alice Godfrey, a promising student and the Head Prefect of what was then called the Tamworth Church of England Girls’ School (TCEGS), lost her life in a horse-riding accident during her Christmas holidays in Narrabri. Phoebe was only 16 and had been elected as the School Captain for the upcoming year.

To honour Phoebe's memory and keep her spirit alive, her family, friends, and the Calrossy community came together to establish the Phoebe Alice Godfrey Cup in 1930. This prestigious award was given each year on speech/presentation day to the House that showed the best conduct, work, and sportsmanship. It became a cherished tradition, fostering healthy competition among the Houses until 1993.

The introduction of the House System in 1930 by the new Headmistress, Miss Annie Parr B.A, added significance to the Godfrey Cup. This system, brought by Miss Parr B.A and enriched with the unique Australian Aboriginal names for the houses, promoted unity, hard work, and a strong community spirit.

In 2023, the Calrossy Executive team decided to revive the Godfrey Cup, continuing the legacy of excellence and community bonding it represents. As Calrossy celebrates its 105th year, the House system and the Godfrey Cup symbolise hope, change, and the importance of being part of something larger than oneself.

Quote from the Tamworthian: " The present Principal, Miss A. Parr, B.A., who was appointed in 1930, brought with her from Queensland, Miss E. Auriac, B.A. (now Mrs. P. Micklem), as senior Mathematics and Latin mistress. Together they introduced the House System, which has done so much to develop "esprit de corps" in our School and to quicken interest in work and play. It was decided by the girls and Staff to have Australian aboriginal names for the Houses, hence Karobran and Nindethana—chosen not only for their sound but also for t h e appropriateness of their signification, Karobran meaning "together" and Nindethana "ours." When a third House was added later, Ellimatta, "our home" was chosen, thus all three give the idea of holding together—of corporate possession".

1936 Tamworthian p4.